Rent To Own Your Kayak?

You can do better than a rent to own kayak, even with no or bad credit. Let us help you get an offer for the money that you need for your kayak.  Then, shop for your kayak like a cash buyer. Get the EXACT kayak that you want. How much do you want to spend?

Paddling a rent to own kayak.

Why Not Rent?

Rent to own kayaks and rent to own stores in general, have a lot of disadvantages. Take a look at some reasons that we feel you should pursue an online loan instead of renting.


We will start here because this is the biggest advantage. Rent to own stores have a very limited selection. They do a little bit of everything and do not specialize in just kayaks. This means that they might only have a couple of different models to chose from and they will be very basic.

The problem with having a limited selection is with the huge variety of kayaks that you have. There are literally hundreds of different designs and if you have the power to choose, you can get one that is perfect for you.

If you get a cash loan for your kayak, you can get any kayak that you want. This will allow you to be much happier with your yak.


This is another big negative with a rent to own kayak. Rent to own stores make big money by charging more than a kayak is worth. The prices will be inflated and they can get away with this because they know that you have nowhere else to go. Just like buy now pay later kayak stores, they know they have a captive audience.

When you get a cash loan for your kayak, you can not only get the model that you want, but you can also price shop. Shop any store and put dealer versus dealer in order to get the best price.


Let’s say you get that rent to own kayak, now what? You still need a lot of extra stuff like paddles, safety vests and assorted gear. A rent to own store will most likely only have the kayak.

When you get a cash loan, on the other hand, you can request more money. Get enough money to pay for all of the assorted gear that you need. This will allow you to hit the water prepared.

Getting A Kayak Loan Offer

Now that you see the benefits of getting a cash loan offer, why not take a look at how it all works.

First and foremost know that we are not a lender and do not make loan decisions. This is good for you because if you have less than perfect credit, you do not want to work with just one lender. Instead of making credit decisions, we get you access to a much larger group of lenders online.

To get the ball rolling, head up to the top of the page and enter in your information. Enter in how much you expect to need and some basic information about yourself and your income. Wrap it up by entering the account that you would like money sent to. Remember, if you accept a loan offer, your lender will send money directly to your bank account.

When you are done, accept the terms and hit submit. If approved, one lender will make you a loan offer and you will be directed to their website to see it. Make sure that you take the time to read all of the details of your kayak loan offer.

If you like the offer that you have been given, you can accept it and your lender will deposit money right into your bank account. On the other hand, if you do not like the offer, you are free to just turn it down and walk away.

Buying Is Better Than Renting A Kayak

If you were approved and decided to accept a loan, now is the fun part. You get to choose your kayak.

Make sure that you take the time to thoroughly research all of the available kayaks. With all of the available models, there is a kayak suited for every single person out there. You can choose anything from a river running yak to a touring model to a fishing kayak.

Before you make your decision, think about where you will be spending most of your time and then go from there. If you are new to kayaks, check out kayak forums and lean on the experience of kayak dealers. Not sporting good stores, actual kayak only dealers.

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