A cheap kayak on the water.

Kayaks On The Cheap

Kayaking is a great outdoor activity. It allows you to explore, get exercise and even do a little fishing if you like. They can, however, be a bit expensive. This is especially true if you are looking at some of the major brands such as Hobie kayaks.

If you are looking for the cheapest place to buy kayaks, you actually have more places to shop that you think. Take a look at a few of the ways to get a kayak without a lot of cash.

Financing A Kayak Is An Option

Kayak financing is always an option and you do not even have to have perfect credit to get it. We can help you with this by offering you a free no obligation quote on kayak financing. It takes about two minutes.

If approved, your lender will deposit cash right into your account. That means that you can then shop for your kayak at any dealer that you want. Shop for the best deal and get the exact model of kayak that you want.

The benefit to kayak financing is that you do not have to settle on a cheap kayak. Cheap kayaks are cheap for a reason. They do not handle as well and will not last as long due to cheaper construction methods and thinner plastic.

You Can Shop Target Or Walmart

Okay, you do not want to finance, you just want to get a cheap kayak. No problem.

A good place to try is big box stores like Target or Walmart. Believe it or not, they do sell kayaks, although it will be a seasonal item. If it is Spring or Summer, they are worth a look.

The think to remember about these kayaks is that because they are cheap, they will be cheap. That means that the plastic is typically thinner and they will usually be shorter than major brand kayaks.

Thinner shells has the obvious disadvantage of limited lifespan. If you only plan to use your kayak for one season or just a few times a year though, this might not be a problem for you.

Being a shorter yak can be a much bigger problem. A shorter yak will typically not steer as straight or cut through the water as cleanly. This means that you will have to spend more time correcting direction and put more effort into paddling in general.

Another problem with short kayaks is that they will have limited weight capacity. If you are bigger in stature or plan to carry more gear, this can cause the kayak to sit lower in the water. That will make it even more difficult to paddle.

Still, it is hard to beat a kayak for 200 dollars, so these might be worth a look. Just be sure to read reviews and pay close attention to the stated weight capacity.

You Can Shop Warehouse Stores

If you have a membership to a club like Sam’s Club or Costco, check their supply of kayaks in the Spring to early Summer.

Warehouse stores will have similar offerings to what stores like Target and Walmart have. The difference is that they will usually be a bit cheaper because of the warehouse deal.

Just like with cheap kayaks from Walmart and Target, pay close attention to reviews and weight capacity. You do not want to get a kayak that is no fun to paddle or worse yet, unusable.

You Can Shop Sporting Good Stores

This is typically where you will find the higher end kayaks, but if you are patient and shop at the right time, you might be able to score a premium kayak for a cheap kayak price.

The trick is to shop at the right time, generally the Winter months. At the end of the season, many retailers will slash prices on kayaks. it is often much easier to cut prices on kayaks than to try to store these bulky things. This is especially true as the Christmas season draws near and storage space is at a premium.

If going this route, the trick is to be patient. Unless you have a friend at a store, you will need to check in often. As soon as they go on clearance, they are sure to sell quickly, so you should be popping in to the sporting goods store at least twice a week.

You Can Shop The Used Market

Last but not least, you can look to the used market. This is often as tricky as finding a clearance yak, but you might get lucky.

My favorite place to shop is on Facebook Marketplace. There are way less scammers and it is a high traffic website.

To get a used kayak on the used market, you need to check the listings several times a day. Kayaks are popular and cheap name brand kayaks will go fast.

If you find one that is available and that you want to buy, be sure to inspect it carefully. Mainly you are looking for hull damage. If you see any repair jobs, pass on the kayak, it is not worth the risk.

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