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Kayak Or Canoe

Trying to decide which way to go? One look at the top of this page should show you which way we lean. You do not offer quotes for kayak financing on credit without loving kayaks. Still, our love for the kayak is due to a lot of reasons.

Take a look at some of the top reasons to get a kayak over a canoe.


This is an area where the kayak has a huge advantage over the canoe. They are lighter and typically smaller than a canoe. Where canoes are generally made of fiberglass, kayaks are made of slightly lighter plastic.

If you are looking for a single person water craft, there is just no beating a kayak. One person can easily load it and launch it with minimal effort.


With a more efficient hull design, a kayak cuts through the water much easier than the typical canoe. This allows the kayaker to use less effort to get from point A to point B.

In addition, the narrower kayak allows for a double sided paddle to be used. No need for the operator to move from one side to the other. This ease of paddling can result in more paddle strokes per minute and this more speed.


Kayaks are smaller, narrower and lighter. This all adds up to a craft that you can maneuver easily. While a canoe might be a bit awkward in narrow waterways, a kayak can turn on a dime.

Many kayaks also include built in rudders, allowing them to track and handle much better than a canoe.


Some could argue that a kayak is safer than a canoe, mainly with sit on top kayaks though.

One reason for this is that a sit on top kayak can not be sunk. It is completely sealed and will not take on water. The only way to sink a sit on top kayak would be to puncture the hull.

Another safety benefit of the sit on top kayak is the ease of re-entry. If you fall off the sit on top kayak in the water, it is very simple to get back on by merely sliding up the yak.

Water Conditions

A kayak is able to handle a variety of water conditions. Waves that could potentially sink a canoe may be no problem for a kayak. The hull design allows the craft to slice through waves more efficiently.

In addition, sit in kayaks can be equipped with a skirt to keep water out and you dry (mostly).

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