Get Financing For A Bonafide Kayak

Looking for Bonafide kayak financing? Unfortunately, they themselves do not offer direct financing, but we may be able to help you. Get an offer for the money that you need to buy your Bonafide kayak.

A woman in a financed Bonafide kayak

Finance Your Bonafide Kayak

If you are looking for Bonafide kayak financing, you have two main options. You can find a dealer that offers financing or you can get an online loan. Let’s take a look at these options.

Dealer Financing

The good thing about dealer financing for your kayak is that you can do it all in one place. Get financing from the same place that you make your purchase, what could be simpler. In addition, if you have outstanding credit, you might even qualify for  special finance offers.

There are, of course, a couple of bad things about dealer financing.

The first is that it may be hard to qualify. In most cases, store credit involves working with just one lender and they may have strict credit criteria. If you do not fit the mold, so to speak, you will get denied and that is that.

Another problem is that store credit means that you have to shop at that store, obviously. That sporting good store card is only going to work at one place. Unfortunately for you, it might mean settling on your kayak. They might carry Bonafide kayaks but they may not have the model or color that you want. In addition, there is no way to price shop, so you might not get the best deal if you are locked into one store.

Online Financing

The best thing about online financing for a Bonafide kayak is that it may be easier to qualify for. With online financing, there are more lenders and that means varying credit criteria. It could make it easier to get approval if you have no credit or even bad credit.

Another benefit is that your lender would give you cash. This is a cash loan that you can use to buy a Bonafide kayak. That means that you are not locked down to a single store like you would be with a sporting goods credit card. Get the exact model that you want and shop for the best price.

Last, but not least is the fact that you can request more money than you need for the kayak alone. That can give you the extra money to pay for all of that gear that you need with your yak. Paddles, vests, fishing gear, it all adds up.

Getting Cash For Your New Bonafide

Now that you know the benefits of getting a cash loan online, let’s go through the process. Here is how it will generally work.

Step One

Fill out the quote form at the top of the page, that is simple enough. Enter in how much you would like to borrow and then some basic information about yourself and your income. Wrap it up with your banking information and you are all set. Your banking information will be used to find the loan should you accept one. This is a cash loan and money will be deposited right into your bank account, making you a cash buyer.

Step Two

Now, all that you need to do is submit your quote to the lending group. We ourselves do not make credit decisions and are not lenders. We simply get you access to this large lending group. If you are approved, one lender in the group will make you a loan offer. You will be directed to the lender website where you can review the loan offer and make a decision.

Step Three

All that is left now is to make your decision. Take the time and make sure that you really like the terms of the loan. Think about whether you can ford the payment and if the cost of the financing is too high.  A Bonafide kayak is a luxury item, no point breaking the bank to get one. If you like the loan, you can accept the offer and if you do not like the loan, you can simply walk away.

Buying Your Kayak

If you decided to accept your loan, your lender will get you the money just as soon as possible. This could be as soon as the very next business day in many cases.

Once you have your money, you can go about shopping for your kayak, while taking advantage of the power of cash.

Make sure that you shop several outlets for your new kayak. There are quite a few Bonafide kayak dealers that you can work with, so shop around. Make sure that you get the exact kayak that you want and find the best deal. Do not be afraid to ask for a discount off of a price, even if it sounds good. It never hurts to ask.

While you are at it, check out other brands. You might think that a bonafide is for you, but have you tried a Jackson kayak. You might be surprised at what you find, so check out a few brands.

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