A fishing kayak going down the river.

Fishing Kayak Versus A Bass Boat

If you are considering a fishing kayak over a full blown bass boat, you are headed in the right direction. Talk to any former boat owner and they will tell you that their two happiest days were the day they bought their boat and the day they sold it.

Meanwhile, nobody really regrets buying a kayak. Take a look at 10 reasons that you should purchase a fishing kayak over a bass boat.

Kayaks Are Cheaper

You can get a brand new fishing kayak for well under $1000 while your entry point for a bass boat is up around $15,000. That can make it a lot easier on your budget. Even if you need to finance a fishing kayak, your payment will be much lower than it would on a bass boat. It will also be for a much shorter term.

Easier To Launch

Most kayaks weigh about 50 pounds, making them easy to simply set it in the water and get to fishing. If you have ever seen a crowded boat ramp on a weekend morning, you know that it is nowhere near as easy to get a bass boat in the water.

No Need For Insurance

Along with the big purchase price for a bass boat comes insurance costs. A kayak does not need to be insured and that can save you hundreds of dollars a year over the cost of a bass boat.

Access More Types Of Water

With a bass boat, you are mostly limited to larger lakes. A fishing kayak is much more versatile. Fish large lakes, rivers, ponds, streams and even coastal ocean waters.

Easier To Store

This is another hidden expense with bass boats. Many people who buy one will have to pay to store it somewhere. With HOA’s being so much more common, most people can not simply park a boat in front of their house. Instead, they need to pay $100 a month just to park it.

Kayaks can be stored easily in the garage and are always ready to go when you want it. No need to go pick it up

Great Exercise

Kayaking is a great source of exercise, providing a nice upper body workout. This is not to say that they are difficult to paddle however, as well designed fishing kayaks glide through the water. You can paddle as easy or as hard as you like, depending on how much exercise you want.

No Need For A Truck

Most bass boats are going to require a truck or SUV to pull them. Kayaks can be strapped to the roof of virtually any vehicle.

Better For The Environment

Stand around a boat dock on a weekend morning and tell me what you smell. It will likely be the unfiltered exhaust of a half a dozen or more bass boats.

A kayak, on the other hand, runs on clean ans pure people power.

Kayaks Are Sneakier

A kayak has no engine and displaces less water. This can make it easier to sneak up on that quiet fishing hole. And, since many fishing kayaks like ones from Jackson Kayak allow you to stand, you lose nothing over a bass boat.

They Hold Their Value

I have seen kayaks that are 5 years old sell for 70 percent or more of their original purchase price. That bass boat will depreciate 25 percent as soon as it leaves the lot. Combine that with all of the costs involved in boat ownership and you have quite a losing proposition.

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