2 men with fishing kayaks and gear.

Fishing Kayak Must Haves

Looking to get into kayak fishing? It is a great sport and kayaking is one of the best ways to hit the water.

A kayak is one of the best fishing tools. It allows you to quietly approach fishing spots and reach areas that you could not access by boat. In addition, it is a whole lot more environmentally friendly without all of the fumes put off by high polluting outboard engines.

Before you take that first trip on the water, let’s look at what kind of gear that you need for your fishing kayak and if you intend on getting fishing kayak financing, these are things that you can buy with excess loan money.

Fishing Poles

Obviously you want a fishing pole, I mean that is the whole point of getting a fishing kayak right? What you might not realize is how many poles that you need.

We recommend four. It sounds like a lot, but having four fishing poles allows you to rig each one with a different lure. Run a spinner on one, a crankbait on another, one with a Carolina rig worm, etc, etc. This allows you to switch things up as the day goes on.

The last thing that you want to be doing is constantly re-rigging while on the water. So, save yourself a bunch of headaches and pick up some extra fishing poles.

A Milk Crate

This is one of the cheapest and most versatile things that you can buy for your fishing kayak. There is so much that you can do with a milk crate. Secure it to the bungee straps behind your seat and then use it to hold all of your gear.

The crate will be roomy enough for things like tackle boxes, water bottles and even a small cooler. Anything that you need to access during your fishing trip can usually be contained and easily secured.

A crate is also a wonderful way to secure all those fishing poles. Several lengths of PVC pipe attached to the crate become perfect pole holders.

With a milk crate for storage, you are only limited by your imagination.

Small Tools

You will need a variety of tools out on the water when you fish and you need to have them handy. At a minimum, you will want a pair of pliers and a good knife. A half decent muliti0tool fits the bill here since it will usually come with a case that attaches to your belt.

One tool or piece of fishing kayak gear that you might not think about is a fish gripper like this one. I consider it almost essential because it allows you to get a firm grip on the lip of a fish and locks in place. That allows you to remove a hook safely with less of a risk of a fish moving suddenly and sticking you with a hook.

A fish gripper is handy on a full size boat and crucial on a smaller and less stable kayak.

Kayak Fishing Life Vest

A life vest is obviously a must have on any watercraft. Do not even think about going out on the water without one, especially with the extra risks that a small craft faces. You are more vulnerable to things like weather and larger craft.

Since you have to haveĀ  life vest, whey not spend a few bucks more and get a fishing life vest that has a number of extra features, namely storage. Pockets, pockets and more pockets. They are crucial for keeping all of your needed gear on hand and not having to dig in a compartment while on the water.

In addition to storage, a good fishing vest will have much needed ventilation and it will be cut for easier paddling, mainly no padding on the lower back.

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